How do I set up UltraVNC

Document version 1.0 - Oct. 14th , 2013

Goal: I should be able to control my customers PC's from my home og from another location. Many customers running different versions of Windows. But not in parellel. Only one customer at any given time.

At home:
- My Windows Foundation 2008 R2 server (64-bit)
- My Office PC running Win 8 (64-bit)
- A NetGear router which I controle

When away from home:
HP Laptop with Win8 (32-bit)

I have these filers on my server. The .PEM file is from the download. Not generated by me.

First time I got this

This is how it looks

Ready to try the client om my office PC (on the same network as the windows server running Repeater)

Top most line shows the only .exe I use om my office-PC: vncviewer_ssl.exe

I have been trying with or without different DSM plugins, and I am confused.

I know that I also will have to build at SCIII server-exe, but at this stage I assume that I should be able to make a connection from my wiever to the repeater. Right ?

Is the any registry mess that I have to clean up ?

I have been reading this: but I may have to accept that I am more stupid than Dummies :-)
(I am trying to follow solution 2)

Anyway: Just a few advice about which files I should use. I see 64bit versions of the viewer, and the encryption and the SSL stuff is not easy to figure out.

I would like to give my input to some documentation for other newbees when I have got this setup to function.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mail: thorkil (at)